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Privacy & Safety​

Your personal information:

We will be collecting personal information when you purchase something from our store.  This will be part of the normal buying and selling process online.   This information will likely be your name, address and email address and, when you use your browser to check out our range, your computers IP (internet protocol) will be received by our platform.


IT systems:

This interaction with our platform will help our system understand your system, its operating system and some of your settings so that ours and yours may interact easily.


We will use WIX as our chosen online platform. WIX will store some of your data when you make a purchase online and by making a purchase online you will be consenting to your data being stored by our platform.  Your data will be subject to a high level of security and we will never on sell that personal information to anyone. 


Marketing Information:

We would like to send you emails about our range, upcoming specials and other relevant store information.


Payment Information:

WIX will store credit card data in an encrypted form if you make payment through our direct payment option.  This payment data will be deleted upon completing the transaction.

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